Airplane, School years 5-10

Skylap uses the fascination of flight to motivate students to develop their own aircaft design. There are so many variables that the only one way to see if it will fly is to test it. How much lift does it achieve? How fast is it? How do small modifications affect its flight behavior? All these things are tested using the Power Anchor. Students begin by making a simple aircraft and test it for speed, weight and lift using the Power Anchor. The results become a baseline for further modifications.

This project is rich in engineering content, backed up with a full set of teaching resources including student notes and teacher notes plus classroom video with demonstrations plus all the consumables to run the project with confidence.

What you need:

  • PowerAnchor
  • Teaching resource
  • Motors with propellers
  • Plane connectors
  • Motor cables
  • Axles
  • Wheels
  • Balsa
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Download Data Logger Software

Software for PC. Download the software and run the file PADLapp.exe.  Save a shortcut to your desktop.

Using the plane connectors

Here is how to use the plane connectors with balsa to make a basic plane.  A perfect alternative to using hot glue. There are still plenty of modifications to explore. Test them on the PowerAnchor.

Connecting cables to the motor

It might be necessary to slightly crimp the motor connector cables before pushing them on the motor terminals. This will ensure a good push fit.