Experience STEM at its best.

The ideal system for controlled testing of car and aircraft projects. 

Fully resourced with everything needed to teach STEM at its best.

Easy Set-Up

Set-up and testing are easy.  Students can work independently and with confidence.

Useful Data

Measure vehicle performance to unlock relationships between variables. Students learn to think like engineers.

Online Content

Login to access content, research tasks, demonstrations and data analysis tools.

Rapid Feedback

Students quickly see how their modifications affect performance and so make continuous improvements.

Smart Connector System

  • Easy, fast and safe – just push together.
  • Holds motors and axles and materials in place.
  • Infinite combinations and design solutions.
  • Puts focus on rapid vehicle modification.
  • Winner of Australian Good Design Gold Award.

Make Innovation Happen

Projects are easy to make.  Start simple, but then let the imagination fly.  Combine the smart connectors with modelling materials cut to shape to open up a multitude of design ideas.


Designed by teachers (we know what works).