The smartest way to deliver power to student made car and aircraft projects. Current is supplied through a tether cable which also pulls the vehicle around the PowerAnchor – so they don’t need batteries or steering. Use the data logger to record performance, analyse the results, make modifications and test again. The PowerAnchor is backed up with five fully resourced projects, classroom video, teaching notes, student notes, and consumables.

Price: $2,150 plus GST

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  • Designed by teachers with special attention to the learning environment.
  • Portable and light.
  • Sturdy, made from tough materials.
  • Easy to use independently.
  • Rechargeable with loads of power.
  • Remote controlled.
  • Push on legs for aircraft.
  • Data logger to quantify testing.
  • High impact carry case included.
  • Its great looks add to excitement.
Download Data Logger Software
Full Instructions

Setting up and using the PowerAnchor

This is a first look at how to use the parts in the PowerAnchor set.  How to charge, turn on and hook up vehicles, plus how to look after your PowerAnchor.

Using the data logger

How to download the software and connect the data logger. Using the data logger and interpreting the data.