The smartest way to deliver power to student made car and aircraft projects.  Students can test vehicles using the data logger, then modify their design to optimise their vehicle.   STEM at its best. Instructions

  • Portable and light.
  • Easy set-up.
  • Easy to use independently.
  • Rechargeable with loads of power.



  • Cordless remotes.
  • Push on legs for planes.
  • Data logger measures performance.
  • High impact carry case included.


With over 10 000 laps per charge you have a minimal fuss set-up.

Cordless Remotes

With cordless remotes the, only cables tether the vehicle.

Classroom Ready

Designed by teachers for classroom realities and quality learning.

The Power of Data

Use the data logger to measure the speed of cars or the speed and height of planes.  Students see how their modifications affect performance.  This is they key to optimising their vehicle.


Smooth Workflow

Use the PowerAnchor on its own or with the data logger to measure the speed of cars or the speed and height of planes.  The PADL software displays numerically and graphically the performance of the vehicle.  Enter results into the DataCrunch software,  generate graphs, use data analysis tools, print a report.  

Fully Resourced Projects

The PowerAnchor is supported with four projects, each fully resourced with class packs of parts and materials plus online content with demonstrations, theory, data analysis tools and folio outlines. Online content sample

See Variables In Action

DataCrunch software shows the relationships between independent and dependent variables.  Students can make smart decisions to optimise their vehicle.  They start to think like engineers.

The Importance of Rapid Feedback

Testing vehicles on the PowerAnchor is easy and fast. Students can do multiple tests quickly and get a good set of data for analysis. This rapid feedback is the key to making good design decisions.

Deep understanding through making and testing.

A Complete Solution

The PowerAnchor comes as a full set including: PowerAnchor, legs, data logger and cable, recharger, digital scales, remote controls and heavy duty case, plus one year full subscription to the online content for the whole school.

Full Set $2750

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