Setting up and using the PowerAnchor

This is a first look at how to use the parts in the PowerAnchor set.  How to charge, turn on and hook up vehicles, plus how to look after your PowerAnchor.

Using the data logger

How to download the software and connect the data logger. Using the data logger and interpreting the data.

Using the plane connectors

Here is how to use the plane connectors with balsa to make a basic plane.  A perfect alternative to using hot glue. There are still plenty of modifications to explore. Test them on the PowerAnchor.

Hot Glue Planes

Making a plane without connectors. If you don’t want to use the push on connectors then the best way to make a plane for the PowerAnchor is with hot glue. This is how it is done.

Making a Helicar

Making a propeller car using modelling foam. This is a quick (and a bit messy) process for making an aerodynamic propeller driven car for testing on the PowerAnchor. Watch the tricks and shortcuts.

Connecting cables to the motor.

It might be necessary to slightly crimp the motor connector cables before pushing them on the motor terminals. This will ensure a good push fit.